Real Men Cook with Cast Iron - A Real Man's Guide to Cooking with Cast
Welcome All Real Men
This website is dedicated to those who vow to protect and feed their family and neighbors by combining the weight, girth, and effectiveness of the most versatile instrument of cooking and exercise since the mid 19th century, the Cast Iron Skillet.
 Master Cast Iron Slinger in both the Sport Performance and the Kitchen, Marc Hordon will expertly guide you on how to cook and care for your Cast Iron, and will have fun doing it with you! As a treat, Marc will often share exercise routines and mini - Sport Performance Lectures regarding all aspect of Athletic Lifestyle Maintenance. Marc will introduce weight training through no other instrument than the Cast Iron Skillet. As heavy as 50lbs, Cast Iron Cook Ware can be all you need to provide lifestyle mainteneance for yourself and provide sustainance for your family and friends.
The RMCCI You Tube Channel will provide all the information that is needed for the Real Man to cook for his family and neighbors with the use of the most versatile piece of cooking equipment since the mid 19th century, Cast Iron.
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