Real Men Cook with Cast Iron - A Real Man's Guide to Cooking with Cast
The RMCCI Real Man
Marc will move from the indoor kitchen to the patio grill as the seasons change in his set location just steps from the beach on the Beautiful North Shore of Massachusetts.
"Together we will make chowders, chicken pot pies, muffins, cakes, steaks, lobster, accompanying sauces, pasta dishes, smoked meats and vegetables, and prepare and learn so much more... We will make people smile, laugh, eat healthily and happily, and they may even gawk at our forearms as they glisten with sweat while maneuvering the heavy Cast!"
- Marc Hordon, Certified Master Cast Iron Slinger
Your experience in the wilderness has never been more effective, as RMCCI explores the cooking possibilities of cast iron while camping and travelling. Cast Iron Cookware orginated as a fire insertable instrument in which you could cook, sautee, bake, etc. multiple variations of meals from one simple pan.
Marc will have guests on from the local area and around the world to work on recipes in Cast from all backgrounds. Real Men with have Musicians, Coaches, Artists, Chefs, Political Leaders, Actors, and more!
Bring your brain, certainly bring your braun, it's time to separate the Real Men!
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